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'Good Energy' Inflexible and Inconsistent, poor Customer Service

Review of Good Energy - www.goodenergy.co.uk "Aggressive and inconsistent " The worst of all the Energy companies for aggressive collection. After being on an estimated usage, we had a lot to catch up on when they took a reading as their estimates were out. They had not come round and read the meter for a long time and we had not checked. When they did revise the bill it was for over a thousand pounds, they were inflexible and rude at one point and charming the next, followed by rude the next. Often when speaking to the same person. You really did not know where you were with them. We were polite and apologetic to them at all times so as not to annoy them for what good that did. They said we were going to be de-energised, would not listed to the fact my wife had just lost her job. They would not listen to a reasonable repayment plan. They are just awful, horrible to deal with. The worst experience ever. See what others say http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews105373.html
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